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Sanicat Aloe Vera Scented Non-Clumping Clay Freshness Cat Litter 7 Days 4L

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(Code: ST029NET)
With a high absorption capacity and air-freshening effect, just a single-dose package of Sanicat Aloe Vera 4L ensures a whole week of clean litter.

The extremely lightweight package is ideal for a busy pet owner, particularly for those who only have a single cat and don't need to bulk buy litter! 

Made from attapulgite clay, with an added Aloe Vera scent, the litter is soft and gentle on cats' paws so is suitable for all ages.

Directions for use:
1. Fill the litter tray with Sanicat Aloe Litter to a depth of approximately 5cm.
2. Remove solid waste daily and occasionally stir the litter to mix and allow aeration between the granules.
3. Top up with fresh granules as needed and completely replace at least once per week.
4. Clean the litter tray weekly with a cat safe disinfectant product, and ensure it is completely dry before refilling.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Really good product.
William C.