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Small Animal Safebed Fluff Bedding

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Two types of bedding should be provided for your pet. The first type is the substrate, this is usually shavings but other materials can be used. The extra bedding can be in the form of fluff or shredded paper and this is to allow your pet to build himself a cosy home. Safebed pet Fluff Bedding is made from plant fibres and is a safe, natural product to use for your pet's comfort. Fluff bedding is soft, absorbent disposable bedding that is hygenically prepared with materials that provide warmth and comfort for all small animal needs. Tear and shake bedding before use and change frequently when bedding becomes soiled. Simply place the fluff in the middle of the cage or by the little hiding houses, and you can watch your hamsters and gerbils make nests with it and build up the perfect cosy cave!.