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Small Pet Cage | Warsaw Enclosure with Platforms & Tubes

(Code: HL-P036)

About Hamster Cage Warsaw (68x47x30)


Perfect for active small pets, the Tower Hamster Cage has 3 platforms, 5 tubes, a wheel and a plastic house to keep Hamsters and Gerbils entertained.
The base attaches with two strong plastic clips, which can be easily removed for cleaning, as can the platforms which are also attached with clips so they can easily be moved to different heights within the cage.
The tubes allow your pet to exhibit natural tunnelling behaviours, and the deeper base allows for plenty of substrate so your pet can dig and burrow.
Adult Gerbils and Syrian Hamsters should be provided with a larger exercise wheel to prevent spinal injuries, as the included wheel is only suitable for adult Dwarf Hamsters and Mice..
This cage is manufactured in Europe for guaranteed quality, and requires only a few minutes of assembly before your pet can enjoy it.
Size: 68cm High x 40cm Long x 29cm Wide