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Supa Dried Mealworms For Wild Birds

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A highly nutritious source of protein for wild birds, Dried Mealworms make a great treat or can be mixed with other foods all year around to encourage a healthy population of wild birds in your garden.

Particularly effective for nesting birds and those feeding young, Mealworms will be devoured with great enthusiasm by almost all bird species, with very little wastage.

For extra taste value, soak the mealworms in boiling water for an hour before offering to the birds. This will soften the mealworms and make them appear more like the worms birds would peck at themselves in the wild.

Mealworms are low in Calcium so should not be the only food offered at your Wild Bird Feeding Station.

To encourage visiting birds to use feeders in your garden, position around 2m away from the closest area of safe cover. This will make sure that your feeder is visible to passing birds, while still offering a feeling of security to birds as they eat, as a safe area to hide is close-by.

Our top tips for encouraging more birds to visit your garden:

  • Consider providing clean, fresh drinking water alongside feeders. You can use a bird bath or a hanging Wild Bird Water Drinker to dispense the water. Providing a source of safe water not only encourages birds to spend more time in your garden, but also helps your local birds to survive, particularly through the Summer and Winter months, when other sources of water can dry up or freeze over and become inaccessible.
  • If birds are visiting your feeders, consider continuing to provide food throughout the year. If local birds recognise your garden as a reliable source of food, they will be more likely to be make a habit of visiting you. Additionally, feeding throughout the year will aid your local wild bird population in the event of temporary food shortages, which can occur in any season.
  • If you are new to feeding birds, please note that it may take some time before birds start to use your feeder.
  • Refill feeders in the early morning, to ensure that there is always food available when birds are looking to eat to replace energy lost through the night.
  • Protect your local bird population by helping to reduce the spread of disease between different birds. All food available to the birds should be fresh and dry; wet food should be discarded on a daily basis, as it can harbour harmful bacteria. Feeders and other areas where birds may gather within your garden, such as bird baths, should be cleaned on a regular basis, using a bird safe cleaning product such as Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.



100% Mealworms


It is important to take steps to ensure that feeders are kept clean to help to protect local birds from spreading disease between themselves. The food available to birds should be fresh and dry, with any wet food discarded on a daily basis. Wet or damp food can harbour harmful bacteria. Feeders and other areas where birds may gather in your garden, such as bird baths, should be cleaned on a regular basis, using a cleaning product that is safe for use around birds. We recommend Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.

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Pack Size : 225ml
Birds are pleased.
Karen R.
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Good product.
Peter J C.
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Pack Size : 500ml
Good quality.
Aleksandra p.
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Pack Size : 225ml
My birds like it!
Gloria T.
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Pack Size : 500ml
Birds love these!
Regina B.