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Tetra Pleco Multi Wafer 85g

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Tetra Pleco Multi Wafers are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs and natural feeding requirements of plecostomus catfish and other herbivorous fish Remains stable in the water for long periods to allow catfish to graze naturally. Easy to eat, resulting in minimal waste and uneaten food. Enriched with vitamins and essential nutrients for excellent health and condition.

How it Works

Pleco Multi Wafers are enriched with vegetable matter to make them ideal for herbivores. In addition, they are made using Tetra's unique extrusion process, meaning they are easy to eat, yet remain stable in the water for long periods, thus allowing plecostomus to graze naturally.

How to Use

Ideally, feed only as much as your fish will consume within 20 minutes. If your plecostomus only feed after dark, add Pleco Multi Wafers after the lights have been switched off. As a guide, offer one wafer per 10-15cm plecostomus, or break them in half for smaller fish.