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Trixie Net Fish Hatchery 16x13x12cm

(Code: TX8052)

The Trixie Net fish Hatchery is perfect for raising young fish and for the separation of ill fish within your aquarium.The Hatchery protects young fish from being eaten by larger fish, allowing them to remain in their own section of your aquarium until they grow big enough to survive alongside larger fish. Sick fish can also be separated in the Hatchery, preventing them from being attacked by other fish and coming into direct contact with them.The Hatchery simply fits onto the side of the aquarium with two handles which simply fit over the edge.

Size: 16 x 13 x 12cm (L x H x W)

  • Plastic
  • For spawning and raising young fish in the aquarium
  • With nylon net
  • Specially suitable for small types of fish
  • Plastic frame with two aluminium holders
  • Optimal water circulation