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Trixie Stainless Steel Bowl, Plastic Holder, 0.9 L/ 16cm

(Code: TX25253)

These very attractive coloured Stainless Steel Dog Bowls do not absorb food or liquid odours making it easy to clean and hygenic. The colour co-ordinated rubber base ring prevents the bowl from sliding across the floor and also protects the floor as it prevents scratching.

The stainless steel bowls are embedded in a trendy plastic holder which immediately catches the eye, not only for its vibrant colours, but also for the cute dog print and bone patterns.

Available Colours:

White, Green, Red, Purple.

Available Sizes:

  • Holds: 0.25 Litres - Length: 11cm
  • Holds: 0.45 Litres - Length: 13cm
  • Holds: 0.9 Litres - Length: 16cm
  • Holds: 1.6 Litres - Length: 21cm

Approximate sizes.