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Ancol Ergo Cat Slicker Brush

(Code: AN434300)
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Specialist cat grooming products from the ancol ergo range, manufactured in striking pink with ergonomic handles for comfort and effective use. Ancol ergo slicker brush for cats is ideal for longer coats and has been moulded with an ergonomic handle for comfortable use. Designed primarily to remove mats and tangles, the ergo slicker brush will also pull out dead hairs, remove dead skin cells and gently stimulate the skin. Regular brushing with the slicker will maintain a healthy, glossy appearance for your cat and remove any loose hair that can become uncomfortable.

  • Removes dead hair from undercoat and topcoat
  • Stimulates hair follicles to promote hair health
  • Fluffs up and beautifies the coat
  • Eases tangle and matts
  • Stainless steel pins