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J&J Black Oil Sunflower Bird Seeds

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These Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are of the highest quality as they are harvested at a very precise time of the year to produce the maximum oil content.

Generally sourced from Europe, Johnson & Jeff ensure that the seeds are not harvested late and therefore have the correct level of acidity. Seeds which are harvested too early will not have a complete seed within the shell, and so this careful timing is imperative in producing a seed of maximal quality.

The seeds are screened and graded with only the best reaching sale through Pet Connection, and are gently rinsed in vegetable oil to add an attractive sheen for the birds and for high nutrient absorption as the birds remove the shells to enjoy the tasty interior.

Black Oil Sunflower Seeds are a valuable and nutritious part of the diet of many species of wild bird and contain Calcium, B-Vitamins, Iron, Vitamin E and Potassium. With more nutrition and calories in every bite than striped sunflower seeds, black oil seeds are 'meatier', have a higher oil content and have thinner shells so are easier for smaller birds to crack open and consume.

For a cleaner feeding environment in your garden, Hulled Sunflower Hearts are a great alternative to Black Oil Sunflower Seeds.

We recommend feeding birds all year round, to aid their survival and allow you to enjoy watching them throughout the seasons - in Autumn/Winter food is scarce and in Spring/Summer it's important to provide a plentiful supply to allow them to nurture their young. Ensure water is available all year around in a suitable Water Dispenser for birds to drink and bathe, ensuring it is cleaned regularly and doesn't freeze in colder weather. Prevent bacterial build-up where birds feed by regularly cleaning with a Bird-Safe Disinfectant.