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J&J | Wild Bird Food | Niger (Nyger/Nyjer) Seed

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Johston & Jeff
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A firm favourite among small finches (especially Goldfinches), siskins and tits, Johnston & Jeff Niger Seed is a superb little seed for feeding all year round.

The very favourable amino acid profile combines with a seed that is high in oils, protein and energy, while being highly digestible for a wide range of bird species. The high calorific value of these tiny seeds will help birds to store fat to help keep warm, and the high protein level will help with the regeneration of feathers throughout moults.

Rich in the essential nutrients that our wild birds deserve, Niger seed is becoming a key component in the survival and successful wild breeding programs of Goldfinches, due to how much they cherish the seed.

Johnston & Jeff have a keen focus on ensuring that their foods are both highly nutritious and safe for the wild birds which will be consuming them, so all seed is cleaned to a purity level of 99.9% and all seed and nut types are cleaned individually. Any raw materials that are suspected of not being perfect are rejected and no additives are used to cleanse or polish.

A huge advantage to some is that when Niger seed is fed as a straight seed, squirrels tend to ignore it. This means you can discourage squirrels from visiting your garden while still providing a nutritious meal for the local birds.

Niger seed should only be fed from a specialised Niger Seed Feeder as due to the large surface area it will become mouldy very quickly if fed from a table or from the ground.

To encourage visiting birds to use feeders in your garden, position around 2m away from the closest area of safe cover. This will make sure that your feeder is visible to passing birds, while still offering a feeling of security to birds as they eat, as a safe area to hide is close-by.

Our top tips for encouraging more birds to visit your garden:

  • Consider providing clean, fresh drinking water alongside feeders. You can use a bird bath or a hanging Wild Bird Water Drinker to dispense the water. Providing a source of safe water not only encourages birds to spend more time in your garden, but also helps your local birds to survive, particularly through the Summer and Winter months, when other sources of water can dry up or freeze over and become inaccessible.
  • If birds are visiting your feeders, consider continuing to provide food throughout the year. If local birds recognise your garden as a reliable source of food, they will be more likely to be make a habit of visiting you. Additionally, feeding throughout the year will aid your local wild bird population in the event of temporary food shortages, which can occur in any season.
  • If you are new to feeding birds, please note that it may take some time before birds start to use your feeder.
  • Refill feeders in the early morning, to ensure that there is always food available when birds are looking to eat to replace energy lost through the night.
  • Protect your local bird population by helping to reduce the spread of disease between different birds. All food available to the birds should be fresh and dry; wet food should be discarded on a daily basis, as it can harbour harmful bacteria. Feeders and other areas where birds may gather within your garden, such as bird baths, should be cleaned on a regular basis, using a bird safe cleaning product such as Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.



100% Niger Seeds


It is important to take steps to ensure that feeders are kept clean to help to protect local birds from spreading disease between themselves. The food available to birds should be fresh and dry, with any wet food discarded on a daily basis. Wet or damp food can harbour harmful bacteria. Feeders and other areas where birds may gather in your garden, such as bird baths, should be cleaned on a regular basis, using a cleaning product that is safe for use around birds. We recommend Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.

Customer reviews
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Weight : 12.75kg
The gold finches and red pollls love it,and they are the best judges.
Joost S.
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Weight : 6.4kg
Packaging could be better.
Joe g.
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Weight : 12.75kg
So much cheaper than buying in Dublin.
Pauline F.
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Weight : 6.4kg
Deborah M.
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Perfect, many thanks :).
Richard P.