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Trixie Glitter Heart Safety Cat Collar With Bell - 4 Colours

(Code: TX4207)

About Trixie Glitter Heart Safety Cat Collar With Bell - 4 Colours

 A perfect choice for style concious cats, the Trixie Glitter Heart Safety Collar is full of glitter and sparkle.

Made from durable nylon with eyecatching Glitter, the collar is elasticated and fully adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit for your cat. To help ensure that your cat stays safe when they are outside, a Quick Release Buckle is used to fasten the collar. Quick Release Buckles are designed to break away and release your cat if meet resistance from getting caught or stuck.

The Trixie Glitter Heart Safety Collar comes with a bell attached. Research by the RSPB has found that when outdoor cats wear a collar with a bell attached, the number of birds that they will catch is reduced by over 40%. Not only is this a great way to help local wildlife populations to thrive, it will reduce the amount of caught animals your cat brings home. If your cat is still bringing home animals, you may wish to consider adding extra bells to their collar.

We strongly recommend that all cats that spend time outdoors are both neutered and microchipped. Neutering will stop your cat from wandering as far from home in search of a mate as well as preventing your cat from producing unwanted litters of kittens. Neutered male cats are also much less likely to fight with other cats. Microchipping is a quick and simple procedure, which can often by done by your vet at the same time as neutering and increases the chances of your cat being safely returned to you if they become lost or injured while outisde. We also suggest that outdoor cat owners add a small ID Tag to their cats collar with their contact details. An ID Tag makes it easier for members of the public who may find your cat to ensure their safe return.

The Trixie Glitter Heart Safety Collar is available in four colours: Blue, Purple, Pink and Yellow. If you would like to choose the colour of your collar, please write your preference in the 'Special Instructions' box when placing your order, or email us when your order has been completed. If you do not specify which colour you would prefer, we will choose a colour randomly.