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Ancol Chrome Cat Collar Bells - Pack Of 3

(Code: AN331100)

About Ancol Chrome Cat Collar Bells - Pack Of 3

Ancol Cat Collar Bells are an excellent way to give your local Wildlife a helping hand when your cat is out hunting.

Research from the RSPB has shown that when a cat wears a collar with a bell on it, they will catch 34% fewer small mammals (like mice) and 41% fewer birds. This has a huge impact on helping local Wildlife to thrive, as gardens have become a very important source of food due to a decrease in natural habitats and the food sources that they provide to birds and animals.

In addition to having a bell attached to your cats collar for the safety of local wildlife, we also recommend adding an ID Tag to their collar, to increase the chances that your cat will be able to find his or her way back to you if they are lost or injured.