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Beaphar | Natural Herbal Calming | Cat Spot-On Treatment

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Naturally effective in calming cats of all ages, Beaphar Calming Spot On for Cats reduces anxiety and related unwanted behaviours.

Ideal for use before firework displays, storms, when travelling and any other time your pet may be feeling anxious, this easy to apply spot on treatment can help reduce problem behaviours associated with nervousness, such as excessive barking, destructive behaviour and inappropriate scent marking.

Valerian Extract is a herbal supplement noted for its calming properties without causing sedative effects, and due to the micro-encapsulated formula of this herbal remedy, a single application will activate within one hour and will help your pet feel less apprehensive for up to a week.

Cats are particularly sensitive to changes in their environment which can lead to the development of problem behaviours, such as toileting outside the litterbox, and health complications. Often owners may only notice something is ‘not quite right’ with their cats when they have already been stressed for some time. Cats may lose their appetite, be sick occasionally or behave in a way that owners have never seen before, such as spraying urine against the wall indoors or behaving aggressively.

Common signs of stress also include excessive meowing or scratching at furniture, over-grooming resulting in bald patches, constant vigilance and jumping at strange sounds, or a change in behaviour such as a
n increased dependency on you or your family, with the cat constantly wanting to interact, or withdrawal from you and the family, with the cat no longer interested in interacting.

One of the best ways to protect your cat against possible stress is to try to anticipate the sorts of things that might cause them stress in the first place (such as moving to a new home or the addition of a new cat to the household). Once you have identified possible sources of stress, you can then manage the situation or environment in a way that helps reduce the chances of your cat suffering. The addition of a natural, herbal supplement such as the Beaphar Calming Cat Treats, Beaphar Calming Cat Spot-On or Beaphar Calming Cat Tablets, can help you to reduce your cat's stress to a manageable level during anxiety inducing events such as Halloween or thunderstorms.

We recommend introducing your chosen method for keeping your pet calm at least two weeks prior to the stressful event. This allows you to establish whether the chosen treatment option is suitable for your pet. and whether the suggested dosage levels are appropriate for your pet. For those pets who do not respond as expected to herbal type calming treatments, we suggest other treatment types such as Serene-Um which uses a blend of vitamins and amino acids to raise Seratonin levels, and vice versa.

Each p
ack contains 3 vials of treatment, so will provide 3 weeks cover against anxiety and fear.

Directions: Apply one pipette between the ears as required. The Valerian extract will be activated within one hour of application. The effects may be diminished if your pet is bathed, so reapply the treatment if this is the case. If you use a spot-on flea treatment between the cat's shoulder blades, be careful to use the Calming Spot On in a different place, ideally between the ears.