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Beaphar Cat Calming Spot On Natural Valerian Treatment

(Code: CG13901)

About Beaphar Cat Calming Spot On Natural Valerian Treatment


Naturally effective in calming cats of all ages, Beaphar Calming Spot On for Cats reduces anxiety and related unwanted behaviours.

Ideal for use before firework displays, storms, when travelling and any other time your pet may be feeling anxious, this easy to apply spot on treatment can help reduce problem behaviours associated with nervousness, such as excessive barking, destructive behaviour and inappropriate scent marking.

Valerian Extract is a herbal supplement noted for its calming properties without causing sedative effects, and due to the micro-encapsulated formula of this herbal remedy, a single application will help your pet feel less apprehensive for up to a week.

Each p
ack contains 3 vials of treatment, so will provide 3 weeks cover against anxiety and fear.

Directions: Apply one pipette between the ears as required. The Valerian extract will be activated within one hour of application. The effects may be diminished if your pet is bathed, so reapply the treatment if this is the case. If you use a spot-on flea treatment between the cat's shoulder blades, be careful to use the Calming Spot On in a different place, ideally between the ears.