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Beaphar | Natural Herbal Calming | Cat Collar

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This Calming Collar from Beaphar helps to reduce problem behaviour such as scratching furniture, spraying and other unwanted behaviour. These behaviours are often caused by anxieties, such as moving home, travelling, fireworks, vets visits or new pets being introduced. This collar contains natural valerian and lavender, two herbs that are also used in human healthcare in order to help manage stress. Once the collar is on, the calming effect can be noticed within an hour, and can last up to six weeks.

Only to be used on cats older than 12 weeks.


Always be sure to read the instructions fully before using this product.Please do not use the herb sachet unless you are ready to put the collar on your cat. In order for the calming effect to fully work, the collar needs to be in contact with your cats skin. Make sure that it is not overlapping another collar. Always take the calming collar off before giving your cat a bath. If the collar does get wet, remove it from your cat allow it to air dry before putting it back on and the calming effect will continue to work once dried.

Step 1. Place the collar around your cats neck, be sure to leave enough room that you can place two fingers between the collar and your cats neck. It is important not to fit the collar too tightly so that it does not cause your cat any irritation. While also not letting it be too loose to avoid your cat being able to get it off or getting stuck while trying to get it off.

Step 2. Once you have the collar size that is needed for your cat, cut off the part of the collar that is sticking out of the buckle and throw it away.

Step 3. Be sure to check the collar regularly and resize as needed using the above steps.