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Johnson's | Flea Control | Household Insecticidal Spray - 400ml

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An easy to use spray for use against fleas and larvae on carpets, soft furnishings and pet bedding in domestic residences, Johnson's House Flea Spray kills fleas, larvae and other insects.

The spray is very easy to use, with only a fine mist required to kill fleas, larvae and other insects living in your rugs, carpets, pet bedding, floorboard cracks and around skirting boards.

For complete flea eradication, we recommend using a combination of products containing Insect Growth Regulators such as Johnson's 4Fleas Household Spray, Johnson's 4Fleas Room Foggers, and a Spot-On treatment suitable for your pet's species and bodyweight.


To avoid risks to humans and the environment, carefully read all instructions before use. For effective results, treat the whole house and any pets who live there. Remove all pets but ensure pet bedding remains in the room being treated as this is a typical hiding place for fleas. Spray pet bedding, carpets, rugs, upholstery, cracks, crevices, etc, in areas which pets frequent. Apply a fine mist in a sweeping motion from a distance of 38cm (15"), spraying for about 8 seconds around each square metre of surface. Leave the room for about 30 minutes to allow treated areas to dry, then air the room thoroughly before children or pets are allowed access.


Although not indicated on the packaging, we advise careful use of this product in homes with cats, as the active ingredient is Permethrin which can be very dangerous for felines.

Active Ingredients: Permethrin 0.39% w/w, Tetramethrin 0.09% w/w.