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Beaphar | Cat Flea Repellent | Natural Spot On Treatment

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Designed to repel fleas from cats, Beaphar Flea Repel Spot On is made from natural plant extracts and is safe for use on cats and kittens over 12 weeks of age.

This Spot On treatment is not designed for use on pets who have, or may already have, a flea infestation, as it will not kill fleas which are present on the cat but will only repel them.

Fleas are a common carrier of Tapeworm eggs, so if your pet has fleas it is important to treat them with a wormer such as Beaphar WormClear for Cats to target intestinal worms.

If your pet currently has fleas, it is important to treat their environment and other pets in the house for external parasites to prevent reinfestation. We don't recommend putting pets infested with fleas outside if they normally live indoors, as the fleas living in the environment will begin to bite the human residents of the home. Instead, apply a fast-acting spot on such as Fiprotec and the fleas will begin to die as they bite the treated pet. In conjunction with treating the pets, Foggers and Sprays, infestations can be removed reasonably quickly.


Before use, read all the information provided in the box for full instructions. Hold the pipette upright and tap the neck section so the contents all fall into the body section of the pipette. Twist off the cap on the top of the pipette then gently part the fur between your cat's shoulder blades, where it can not reach while grooming, and apply the contents of one pipette. Do not massage the drops into the skin. If any liquid runs down the fur, remove with a tissue. To ensure continuous protection, reapply every 28 days.



This product does not kill fleas, the natural plant extracts help to repel fleas. Do not use on animals under 12 weeks of age. Do not use on pregnant or lactating animals. It is important to ensure that cats do not groom the site of application on themselves or another animal that has been treated with this type of product. Treated cats should be kept completely separately until the site of application is dry. Do not reapply drops within 7 days of application. Do not use in conjunction with other flea control products during the 4 week protection period.

Composition: Ethyl Butylcetylaminoproprionate 4.9% w/w, Margosa Extract 5.0% w/w.

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Shopping Satisfaction
Pack Size : 6 Vials (24 Weeks)
Thnx! very quick delivery!
Alina S.
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Pack Size : 6 Vials (24 Weeks)
Ben h.
Shopping Satisfaction
Pack Size : 6 Vials (24 Weeks)
My cats love this.
Blanka S.