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Bamfords Haith's Red Band 25kg

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In every bag of RED BAND© Pigeon Conditioner there's a source of enormous energy for pigeons. With its high carbohydrate content it provides the muscles and organs with the energy required for FAST FLYING. Nutrition experts have combined with pigeon specialists to create this super conditioner. It contains a wide variety of ingredients selected for their invigorating and strength-giving powers. Fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Unrivalled as a pigeon conditioner when racing demands extra energy. Birds take it readily, it tames and steadies them rapidly so that they trap smartly. Recognised as the leader in the racing pigeon conditioning field.

How to feed: Feed 1/3 of an oz. per bird per day. This can be increased to 1 oz. per day, some fanciers have been known to feed practically ALL Red Band 3 or 4 days prior to a race, with great success. It is also fed when returning from training tosses and exercise for quick trapping.

Nutrional Information

  • Protein 12.4
  • Fibre 4.9
  • Moisture 11.2
  • Ash 3.6
  • Oil & Fat 19.33