Litter Box Bliss: Unleashing a Fresh Start for Your Feline Friend

At Pet Connection, we know keeping your cat happy and your home smelling fresh starts with the perfect litter box setup. That's why we offer a wide variety of cat litter options and litter trays to suit every whisker and sniff.

Let's Talk Litter: Choosing the Right Formula

  • Clumping vs. Non-Clumping: Clumping litter, like natural clay, forms solid clumps for easy scooping and reduces waste. Non-clumping litter, often made from recycled paper or wood pellets, requires a full litter box change more frequently but can be a good choice for kittens or cats with respiratory sensitivities.
  • Natural Wonders: Natural clay litter is a popular choice for its absorbency and odour control. Silica gel litter is another absorbent option that excels at odour control, but can be trickier on kitty paws.

Finding the Feline-Approved Throne

  • Hooded Havens: Hooded litter trays offer privacy and help contain mess and odours. Opt for a hooded tray with a vent to allow for airflow.
  • High Side Security: High-sided litter trays help prevent spraying and kicking of litter outside the box.
  • Spacious Solutions: Large litter trays provide ample space for bigger cats or multi-cat households.
  • Separating Litter Trays: Two trays and one sieve form the efficient waste separating system for excellent hygiene and a huge reduction in wasted litter. Suitable only for use with a clumping cat litter as the clumps are separated from the unused litter by the sieve for quick and easy disposal.
  • Beyond the Box: Essential Accessories
  • Scooping Savvy: Maintain a clean litter box with a comfortable and sturdy litter scoop.
  • Freshness Fighters: Combat litter box odours with litter freshener or deodoriser. Some litter trays even have built-in filters for additional odour control.
  • Litter Tray Liner Bags: Simplify cleanup with disposable litter tray liner bags.
  • Brands Available: Cats Best, Sanicat, Breeder Celect, Catsan, Kittyfriend, Sepicat & Trixie

Pet Connection: Your One-Stop Shop for a Happy Cat & Happy Home

We know a clean litter box is essential for both your cat's health and your own olfactory comfort. Explore our extensive selection of cat litter and litter box options today and create a bathroom experience your cat will truly appreciate!