Rats are intelligent and sociable companions and make great pets with their playful personalities, endless curiosity, and surprising train-ability. But before you whisk your new whiskered friends home, let's create the perfect environment for a thriving rat metropolis!

Rats are surprisingly active and social creatures and need lots of space, at least 2 cubic feet per rat (even more for larger groups). Look for multi-level cages with connected tunnels, climbing opportunities, and plenty of space to explore. Enrichment is key! Include sturdy climbing structures, ropes, ladders, and hanging toys to keep your rats entertained and provide exercise. Give them plenty of hiding spots for your rats to feel secure. Cosy huts, hammocks, PVC pipes, and cardboard boxes are all great options. Rats can be startled by loud noises. Place their cage in a quiet area away from TVs, stereos, or high-traffic zones with lots of noise. They are also quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations. They should be kept in a room with a temperature between 68-78°F (20-26°C) and avoid drafts or direct sunlight. Rats are highly social creatures and thrive in same-sex groups (introduced properly to avoid fighting). If you can only have one rat, provide them with extra attention, playtime, and consider adopting another in the future. Rats love supervised playtime outside their cage. Provide a safe, enclosed area with tunnels, boxes to explore, and safe chew toys made from wood or pumice to keep their teeth healthy. They are very intelligent creatures! Remember to rotate their toys regularly, and offer foraging opportunities by hiding treats around the cage, and teach them tricks to keep their minds active. A balanced rat food mix should be the staple of their diet. Supplement with fresh fruits and veggies for added vitamins. Always offer a source of fresh, clean water in a sipper bottle. Spot clean the cage daily and do a full cleaning weekly, removing soiled bedding and disinfecting with a pet-safe cleaner. And keep a look out around October for new Christmas products for your Rat.

With proper care and a stimulating environment, your ratty crew will flourish! Explore our Rat Care supplies for more detailed information on rat breeds, training tips, and fun enrichment ideas to keep your intelligent companions happy and healthy! Be sure to check out our small pet advice pages, or have a look through our extensive range of other small pet supplies for rabbits, gerbils, mice, ferrets, degus, guinea pigs and chinchillas.