Our fabulous range of Natural Dog Treats includes choices from top brands like Natural Connection, Cheeko, Anco, Favour, Mediterranean Naturals, Fish4Dogs, Trixie, StagBar and Buffalo Bar.

Find air-dried treats which are safe for your dog to chew at and consume, including ever popular choices like the Bull Pizzle Stick, Himalayan Yak Milk Chews, Antlers, Chicken Feet and Rabbit Ears, step into the lesser known and let your dog enjoy some ultra tough Camel Scalp, Lamb Trachea or crunchy Chicken Wings.

We also have a large range of Natural Training Treats for you to explore, such as our tantalising Chicken Fillet Nuggets or Horse Meat Trainers for dogs who really like to be different. Check out our Soft Trainers for novel proteins in a tasty semi-moist format, perfect for use as motivating treats when training your dog.

The Fish4Dogs range offers 100% dried fish skin treats, perfect for boosting Omega 3 for skin and coat health, as well as delicious options where the fish is paired with fresh, air-dried fruit or vegetables for an extra health kick.

Antlers, Beef Scalp Ultra and Buffalo Horns provide incredibly long lasting chews for your dog to enjoy, giving your dog a natural outlet for their chewing instincts.

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