Explore Our Range of Internal Filters and Filter Media for Fish Tanks

At Pet Connection, we’re passionate about keeping your aquatic friends happy and healthy. Dive into our collection of top-quality internal filters and filter media, designed to maintain crystal-clear water and support your underwater ecosystem.

1.      Internal Filters for Fish Tanks:

    • Discover efficient and space-saving internal filters that fit seamlessly inside your aquarium. These workhorse filters keep water clean by removing debris, impurities, and harmful substances. Whether you have a small betta tank or a large community aquarium, we’ve got the right filter for you.

2.      Juwel Filter Media:

    • Fine Sponge: The backbone of biological filtration, fine sponges provide a cozy home for beneficial bacteria. They break down ammonia and nitrites, ensuring a stable environment for your fish.
    • Polyester Sponge: Ideal for mechanical filtration, polyester sponges trap particles and prevent clogs.
    • Nitrate Sponge: Combat excess nitrates, promoting optimal water quality.
    • Carbon Sponge: Say goodbye to odours and discoloration with activated carbon sponges.

3.      Fluval Filter Media:

    • Fluval Carbon Cartridges: Effective chemical filtration that removes impurities and toxins.
    • Foam Pads: Capture large debris particles, keeping your water clear.
    • Filter Sponges: Customize your filtration by layering different sponges for mechanical and biological benefits.

4.      Air Pumps and Air Stones:

    • Oxygenate your tank with our quiet and reliable air pumps. Add decorative air stones for a mesmerizing display of bubbles.

5.      Essential Accessories:

    • Non-Return Valves: Prevent water backflow and protect your air pump.
    • Thermometers: Keep an eye on water temperature.
    • Heaters: Ensure your fish swim in cozy warmth.

Remember, a well-maintained aquarium is a happy home for your aquatic companions. Shop at Pet Connection today and make a splash with our top-notch filters and accessories!