Mice, with their intelligence, social nature, and low-maintenance needs, can be fantastic furry friends. But before you bring your tiny tenants home, let's create the perfect environment for a thriving mouse metropolis!

Be sure to get a spacious enclosure with at least 10 gallons of floor space per pair (even more for larger groups). Look for cages with multiple levels, connected tunnels, and climbing opportunities to keep them entertained. Mice are easily startled by loud noises. So please be sure to place their cage in a quiet area away from TVs, stereos, or high-traffic zones.They are also very sensitive to temperature extremes. Aim for a room temperature between 68-78°F (20-26°C) and avoid drafts or direct sunlight. Mice feel secure with hiding spots. Provide cosy huts, toilet paper rolls, or cardboard boxes for them to burrow in and feel safe and they love to run, so provide an exercise wheel large enough for them to comfortably run without hunching their back. Mice are highly social creatures and thrive in same-sex groups (introduced properly to avoid fighting). If you can only have one mouse, provide them with extra attention and playtime to keep them from getting lonely. They are very playful creatures  and enjoy mental stimulation, provide a safe, enclosed area with tunnels, cardboard boxes to explore, and safe chew toys to keep their teeth healthy. Rotate their toys regularly, offer hiding spots for treats, and provide climbing structures or hanging toys to keep them engaged. Spot clean the cage daily and do a full cleaning weekly, removing soiled bedding and disinfecting with a pet-safe cleaner. A balanced mouse food mix should be the staple of their diet. Supplement with fresh fruits and veggies for added vitamins. Don't forget – always keep a source of fresh, clean water available in a sipper bottle. Schedule regular check-ups with a vet experienced in exotic pets to ensure your mice stay healthy throughout their 1-2 year lifespan. And keep a look out around October for new Christmas products for your mouse.

With proper care and a stimulating environment, your little mouse metropolis will thrive! Explore our Mouse Care section for more detailed information on mouse breeds, handling tips, and fun enrichment ideas to keep your tiny friends happy and healthy! Why not take a look through our small pet care advice pages? Or have a look through our extensive range of other small pet supplies for rabbits, gerbils, hamster, rats, ferrets, degus, guinea pigs and chinchillas.