Thinking of bringing home a fuzzy bundle of gerbil joy?These delightful little creatures are known for their playful personalities, energetic antics, and low-maintenance needs.But before you welcome your new gerbil family member, let's make sure you have everything set up for a happy and healthy life together.

Gerbils love to burrow and explore, so provide a spacious cage or tank with a solid bottom (glass aquariums work well!). Look for something with multiple levels and plenty of room for exercise. They also love to snuggle up and hide away. Create a cosy haven with a deep layer of absorbent bedding like recycled paper or aspen shavings. Avoid cedar and pine, as these can irritate their respiratory system. Gerbils can be startled by loud noises. Place their cage in a quiet area away from TVs, stereos, or high-traffic zones, and they are sensitive to temperature extremes. Aim for a room temperature between 68-78°F (20-26°C) and avoid drafts or direct sunlight.. A balanced gerbil food mix should be the staple of their diet. Feed them with a supplement with fresh fruits and veggies for added vitamins. Always provide a water bottle with fresh, clean water at all times. These fun little creatures are natural diggers! Provide a deep layer of bedding and include a variety of chew toys made from safe materials like untreated wood or pumice stones to keep their teeth healthy and boredom at bay. Exercise wheels are great for letting them run wild! Remember, cleanliness is key Spot clean the cage daily and do a full cleaning weekly, replacing the bedding and disinfecting with a pet-safe disinfectant. Gerbils are social creatures and thrive in same-sex pairs (introduced properly to avoid fighting). If you can only have one gerbil, provide them with extra attention and playtime to compensate for the lack of a companion. Be sure to Schedule regular check-ups with a vet experienced in exotic pets to ensure your gerbils stay healthy throughout their 3-4 year lifespan. And keep a close out out from October to see any new Christmas products. If you want more information on how to best look after a gerbil, have a look at our pet care advice page on gerbils!

Gerbils are small, but they are also full of love. With proper care and attention, gerbils can be wonderful companions. Their playful antics and curious nature will bring joy to your home for years to come. Visit our Gerbil Care section for even more information and helpful tips to create the perfect gerbil paradise! Have a shop through our extensive gerbil enrichment toys, treats, food, bedding, healthcare, travel aids and hide outs. From trusted brands like Rosewood, Chipsi, Trixie, Tiny Friend's Farm. Or have a look though our wide range of other small pet supplies for rabbits, hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets, degus, and chinchillas.