Thinking of welcoming a playful and curious degu into your life? Degus, with their soft fur, endearing personalities, and social nature, can be fantastic companions. But before you bring your new degu home, have a look through our extensive range to make sure you have everything you need to keep them happy and healthy.


Degus are active and social creatures who need plenty of room to explore and climb, so be sure to get at least 2-3 levels tall and with a minimum of 2 cubic feet per degu. Look for cages with wire mesh for climbing and ventilation, a solid bottom to catch droppings, and ample space for exercise. Degus are natural climbers meaning they love sturdy shelves, ramps, ladders, and climbing branches within their cage for enrichment and exercise. A wheel can be a great addition to their cage, it allows for safe nighttime exercise. Ensure the wheel is solid and doesn't have a mesh or grid surface that can injure their delicate feet. Degus love to burrow and dig, they need a deep layer of absorbent, dust-free bedding like recycled paper pellets, aspen shavings, or hay. Avoid cedar or pine shavings, which can irritate their respiratory system. Be sure to spot clean the cage daily and do a full cleaning weekly, removing soiled bedding and disinfecting with a small pet-safe cleaner. Never use harsh chemicals or submerge their wooden accessories in water. Unlike other rodents, degus don't require dust baths. However, they do enjoy sand baths to keep their fur clean. Provide a shallow dish filled with chinchilla sand for them to bathe in 2-3 times a week. Remove and replace the used sand regularly. A high-quality degu food pellet formulated for their specific needs should be the base of their diet. Supplement this with fresh vegetables daily for added vitamins. Always provide a water bottle with fresh, clean water. Unlimited access to high-quality hay is crucial for your degu's diet and dental health. Hay keeps their digestive system functioning smoothly and helps wear down their ever-growing teeth. Degus love to chew! Offer plenty of safe chew toys made from untreated wood, pumice stones, or apple sticks to keep their teeth healthy and prevent boredom. Rotate their toys regularly, and provide foraging opportunities by scattering hay and treats around the cage to keep them mentally stimulated. Degus are highly social creatures and thrive in same-sex pairs (properly introduced to avoid fighting). If you can only have one degu, provide them with extra attention, playtime, and consider adopting another in the future. Schedule regular check-ups with a vet experienced in exotic pets to ensure your degu stays healthy throughout their 5-8 year lifespan.

With proper care and a stimulating environment, our degus will thrive in their new degu den! Be sure to shop for these products among our great brands such as Rosewood, Trixie, Johnson’s, Tiny Friend’s Farm, Snugglesafe and many more. By providing your degu with the right supplies, you can help them live a long and happy life.

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