Working and sporting dogs, from sheepdogs herding livestock to police K9s apprehending criminals, require exceptional stamina and endurance to perform their demanding tasks. The extra demands placed on these dogs must be mitigated by being provided a high quality, high energy and high nutrient diet.

Recipes designed for working dogs typically boast higher protein and fat contents compared to regular dog food, providing sustained energy for long periods of activity which allows working dogs to perform their duties effectively. Protein also plays a crucial role in muscle building and repair, essential for maintaining peak physical condition. The increased fat content in working dog food provides a slow-burning energy source, enabling working dogs to maintain stamina throughout the day. This is particularly important for activities requiring sustained effort, such as pulling sleds, guarding property, or participating in search and rescue operations.

Working dogs are prone to joint stress due to their demanding activities. Working dog food often contains ingredients like chondroitin and glucosamine, which can help support joint health and mobility. This reduces the risk of injuries and keeps working dogs active and pain-free. Working dogs have unique digestive needs. Their food is typically formulated for easier digestion and nutrient absorption, allowing them to utilize the nutrients efficiently for optimal performance. This can be achieved through the inclusion of highly digestible proteins, prebiotics, and probiotics.

Working dog foods are automatically VAT Free (exempt from 20% VAT) so, by buying a food labelled for working dogs, you'll save a whopping 20% on a super high quality working dog blend available at Pet Connection. By providing the necessary nutrients and supporting their specific needs, working dog food helps fuel the exceptional performance and well-being of our hardworking canine companions.