Soft teddy toys, while not for every dog, offer a surprising number of advantages for our furry friends.

Just like a child with a favourite stuffed animal, dogs can form strong attachments to soft toys.  These cuddly companions, such as the KONG Cozies characters, can provide a sense of comfort and security, especially for anxious pups during thunderstorms, fireworks, or new environments.  Think of it as a furry security blanket.

Not all dogs are rough and tumble.  Soft toys are perfect for calmer dogs who prefer gentler play.  They can cuddle with their teddy, carry it around, or engage in a game of gentle tug-of-war.

Senior dogs might find soft toys like the KONG Comfort Kiddos range especially comforting.  The familiar feel and ease of carrying can provide a sense of security during a time when their world might be changing.

Soft toys are a great option for puppies who are still learning about bite control. The cuddly texture is gentler on their mouths than harder toys, and the squeakers or crinkling sounds can provide fun interactive play.

Choose a soft toy that's appropriate for your dog's size to prevent choking hazards.  Opt for toys with minimal stuffing or no stuffing at all for aggressive chewers. Even with soft toys, supervise playtime to prevent any accidental ingestion of stuffing or squeakers. Rotate your dog's soft toys to keep them interesting and wash them regularly to prevent the build-up of bacteria or dirt.

Not all dogs are created equal, and some might be more interested in tougher chew toys. But for the right pup, a soft teddy toy can be a source of comfort, gentle play, and a cherished companion.