Providing the best of care to our feline companions is key to being responsible pet owners and, at Pet Connection, we understand the importance of a healthy diet as part of this, and we offer a huge selection of cat foods to suit the needs of all cats. Wet food is an essential part of a cat's diet as the increased water intake from wet food can lead to more diluted urine. This can be beneficial for cats prone to urinary tract infections or bladder stones.

At Pet Connection, we also sell a super choice of complete and complementary wet cat foods, again catering to all dietary needs, with high quality options from big brands such as Naturo, Fish4Cats, Applaws, Whiskas and Felix. Wet food boasts a significantly higher moisture content compared to dry food, ranging from 60% to 80%, which can be extremely beneficial for cats with certain health conditions, senior cats, and those who struggle to chew on kibble. The rich aromas and palatable textures of wet food often entice cats with finicky appetites or those recovering from illness, ensuring they consume the essential nutrients they need to thrive. Some wet food varieties are lower in calories compared to dry food due to their higher moisture content. This can be helpful for cats who require weight management, as they can feel fuller for longer on smaller portions. High quality wet cat foods are available in a variety of tastes and textures, including Pate type meals and those with chunks of meat swimming in delicious gravy or jelly sauces. These are perfect for use with enrichment toys such as LickiMats, suitable for all ages from kittens to senior cats. 

We have a large amount of knowledge with cats suffering from food allergies and intolerances, due to our many combined years of experience with our own rescue cats and from speaking to customers about their experiences with sensitive stomachs, so we are always here to share our expertise with those who need advice on cats suffering from nasty allergy symptoms like itchy skin, excessive scratching, vomiting, diarrhoea and ear infections. A combination of high quality dry and wet cat foods can be recommended by our friendly team to help ease your cat's problems, while enjoying the benefits that our high meat, low allergen ranges have to offer.