Thinking of welcoming a tiny ball of fluff into your life? Hamsters, with their captivating personalities and endless curiosity, make wonderful pocket-sized pets. But before you bring your new hamster home, let's ensure you have everything set up for a happy and healthy life together!

Hamsters are surprisingly active creatures! Ditch the tiny cages and opt for a spacious enclosure with at least 450 square inches of floor space (even bigger for Syrian hamsters!). Look for cages with multiple levels, tunnels, and climbing opportunities to keep them entertained. Hamsters are startled by loud noises. Place their cage in a quiet area away from TVs, or high-traffic zones. They are quite sensitive to temperature extremes. Aim for a room temperature between 68-78°F (20-26°C) and avoid drafts or direct sunlight. Hamsters feel secure with hiding spots. Provide cosy huts, tunnels, or even toilet paper rolls for them to burrow in and feel safe. They are nocturnal runners, be sure to provide a silent exercise wheel large enough for them to comfortably run without hunching their back. Hamsters love to burrow, giving them a deep layer of absorbent, soft bedding like paper-based bedding, aspen shavings, or shredded paper. Avoid cedar or pine shaving as these can irritate their respiratory system. Help to keep them clean by providing them with a shallow dish filled with chinchilla sand for your hamster to bathe in and keep their fur clean. Replace the sand regularly. A balanced hamster food mix should be the staple of their diet. Supplement with fresh fruits and veggies for added vitamins. And of course clean, fresh water should always be available to them. Hamsters love supervised playtime outside their cage. Provide a safe, enclosed area with tunnels, toys, and balls for them to explore. They are very naturally curious creatures, be sure to rotate their toys regularly, offer hiding spots for treats, and provide safe chew toys made from wood or pumice to keep their teeth healthy and boredom at bay. And keep a look out around October for new Christmas products for your hamster.

Hamsters, with their playful antics and gentle nature, can be a source of joy for years to come. By providing proper care and a stimulating environment, you can ensure your tiny friend thrives in their new home. Explore our Hamster Care section for more detailed information on hamster breeds, and have a look through our hamster supply page for everything you need to keep your hamster happy and healthy. Why not take a look through our other small pet care advice pages? Or have a look through our extesive range of other small pet supplies for rabbits, gerbils, mice, rats, ferrets, degus, guinea pigs and chinchillas.