Hoppy days! Thinking of bringing a cuddly cottontail into your life? Rabbits are delightful companions known for their sweet personalities, playful energy, and love for exploring. But before you bring your new bunny home, let's make sure you have everything set up for a happy and healthy life together. 

Rabbits are active creatures who need room to roam. Opt for a spacious hutch with multiple levels, a separate sleeping area, and an attached run for exercise. Consider a playpen for additional exploration time outside the hutch. They need daily exercise outside their hutch. Provide supervised playtime in a safe, bunny-proofed area where they can hop, explore, and stretch their legs. Rabbits feel secure with hiding spots. Provide cosy huts, cardboard boxes, or tunnels for them to retreat to and feel safe. A balanced rabbit food mix should be the staple of their diet. Supplement this with fresh vegetables daily for added vitamins. Always keep a water bottle with fresh, clean water readily available. Hay is essential for both a rabbit's diet and dental health. Provide unlimited access to high-quality hay to keep their digestive system functioning properly and their ever-growing teeth worn down naturally. Line your hutch with a deep layer of absorbent, hay, or aspen shavings. Avoid cedar and pine shavings, which can irritate their respiratory system. Change the bedding regularly to keep their home fresh and odour free. Be sure to spot clean the hutch daily and do a full cleaning weekly, removing soiled bedding and disinfecting with a pet-safe cleaner. Regular brushing helps remove loose fur and prevent matting. Use a soft brush specifically designed for rabbits, depending on their fur type. And be sure to schedule regular nail trims with your vet or learn how to do them safely at home to prevent overgrown nails from causing discomfort. Rabbits love interactive toys! Offer chew toys made from safe materials like wood or apple-wood sticks to keep their teeth healthy and boredom at bay. Balls, tunnels, and foraging toys can also provide enrichment. While some rabbits can thrive alone with plenty of attention, many enjoy the company of another rabbit. Consider adopting a spayed/neutered friend of the same sex for them to bond with. Check back in October for this years Christmas products for your rabbit!

With proper care and a stimulating environment, your rabbit can become a loving and rewarding companion for years to come. Explore our Rabbit Care section for even more information and helpful tips to create the perfect bunny paradise! Be sure to check out our small pet advice pages, or have a look through our extensive range of other small pet supplies for rat, gerbils, mice, ferrets, degus, guinea pigs and chinchillas.