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Beaphar | Dog Training | Pet Behave Anti-Chew Spray - 125ml

(Code: CG17832)

About Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray 125ml

Beaphar Pet Behave Training Spray is a completely safe and effective way to protect furnishings, doors and other items from destruction caused by pets chewing and scratching.

The spray contains a harmless substance which dogs, cats, puppies and kittens find unpleasant, which discourages them from damaging your home and belongings.

Directions: Always test the spray on a hidden area before applying to fabrics, rugs or polished surfaces. Simply spray the area to be protected from a distance of 15cm - 20cm, at a rate of approximately 4ml of product per square metre. Repeat application after 2-3 days as necessary until pets have been discouraged. Offer suitable alternatives for your pet to chew on, scratch and play with.