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Beaphar | Small Pet Healthcare | Ivermectin Anti-Parasite Spot On (>300g)

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About Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot On Large (Rabbits, Guinea Pigs)

Beaphar's Large Anti-Parasite Spot On is effective against lice, fleas, mange mites, other mites and roundworms for 4 weeks after application on Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Rats and Ferrets.

The treatment contains Ivermectin (150μg per pipette).

Directions: Twist off the cap and apply the entire contents of the pipette to the back of the neck. While squeezing out the contents, spread the solution over as great a surface of the skin as possible. The pack contains 4 pipettes, and the pet should be weighed before treatment and dosed as below. Animals weighing under 300 grams should be treated with Beaphar's Small Anti-Parasite Spot On. Treatments can be repeated after 4 weeks if necessary.

Rats (Over 300g): 1 Pipette
Guinea Pigs (300g-750g): 1 Pipette
Guinea Pigs (Over 750g): 2 Pipettes
Rabbits (Per 750g of Bodyweight): 1 Pipette
Ferrets (300g-750g): 1 Pipette
Ferrets (750g-1500g): 2 Pipettes
Ferrets (Over 1.5kg): 3 Pipettes

Warnings: Do not use on sick or convalescing animals, or during pregnancy or lactation. Do not use on young animals which are still suckling from the mother. Only for use on Rabbits, Ferrets, Rats and Guinea Pigs. Serious reactions, including death, have been reported in dogs (particularly Herding breeds), tortoises and turtles treated with products containing Ivermectin.

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
It's too early to tell how good the product is, but it seems similar to what I get at the vet.
Ju Hui L.
Shopping Satisfaction
I use this for my rats. It works! Please pay attention to dosage as per weight of your critter and weigh your pet and adjust dosage accordingly. My female rats weigh less then 300 grams so they do not need full pipette! There is little margin for error with this medication so please do your research!
Melanie A.