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Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks
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About Dog Rocks

An all natural product native to and mined in Australia, Dog Rocks stop urine burn marks on grass by filtering impurities such as nitrates, tin and ammonia from the pet's drinking water.

The coherent rocks have a mechanically stable framework so significant mineral particles are not released into the dog's drinking water. The stable matrix acts as a micro-porous medium in which the water is purified through the exchange of ions by active compounds. Lawn burns are often caused by an excessive amount of nitrates in the pet's urine, so while all dogs produce nitrates as a natural consequence of digestion (particularly of red meats), Dog Rocks can be the difference between high nitrate levels burning the lawn and lower levels acting as a natural fertiliser.

Dog Rocks will begin to take effect after 8-10 hours of being placed in the dog's water, after which no new burns should appear on your lawn. With proper lawn maintenance, old burns should vastly improve within 3-5 weeks.

Correct use of the product will not harm your dog's health or alter the pH of their urine, studies have been carried out over many years and no side effects have been observed in any of the dogs involved.

The rocks are safe to use in Pet Drinking Fountains and will not cause harm to any other dogs, cats or rabbits who share a water bowl with the dog who is causing the urine burns.

As Dog Rocks act as a sponge for impurities, you will not see any change in the rocks while they are 'working'. The saturation point of the rocks will be reached after 2 months of use, after which the rocks should be replaced as they will fail to absorb further impurities.

Directions: As Dog Rocks are natural and straight from the earth, they should be washed prior to use. Place 2 litres of water into your dog's drinking bowl, and refill as your dog drinks so the bowl always contains the appropriate amount of water. Add all of the rinsed rocks to your pet's bowl. Leave in the bowl at all times and replace every 2 months.