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ESHa Optima Fish Health Booster 20ml

(Code: RC021)

About ESHa Optima Fish Health Booster 20ml

Typically found in tropical rivers, streams and lakes, the unique combination of essential components found in eSHa Optima Fish Health Boosting & Conditioning Treatment are blended with minerals, vitamins, trace elements and natural growth enhancers to provide aquarium pets with the benefits they would enjoy in the wild.

Ideal for using bi-weekly to provide a level of general care to maximise resistance against parasites, injuries, infections and disease, or for use after treating for illness with products such as eSHa 2000, the broad range treatment can be used in both tropical and cold water aquariums and poses no threat to fish, plants or biological filtration organisms.

The many uses of eSHa Optima include strengthening the natural immune defences, reducing stress, enhancing development, speeding up recovery from illness, promoting strong bones and muscle development, encouraging vibrancy in colour and increasing virility and aiding in the spawning of eggs.

Standard Dosage (for 100 litres):
20 drops every 2 weeks