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Gor Pets Willow Fixable Cat Scratcher Board (60x19cm)

Gor Pets
(Code: CS28)

About Gor Pets Willow Fixable Cat Scratcher Board (60x19cm)

Protect your furniture from your cats' natural urge to scratch with the stylish Gor Pets Willow Cat Scratcher.

Ideal for protecting walls and furniture from your cats wandering claws, the Gor Pets Willow Cat Scratcher can be easily fixed on to objects around your home that your kitty likes to scratch against, providing both a physical barrier between your cat and your furnishings and a safe and fun outlet for your cat.

Scratching is a natural instinct for cats for a number of reasons. Cats frequently like to scratch as a way of cleaning their paws and removing any material that has been stuck and scratching is also a method of scent marking territory. It is especially important, particularly for indoor cats, that they have an outlet for their need to scratch to prevent serious damage to items like sofas and chairs.

Surfaces that many cats typically like to scratch on include rough fabric as used on the Gor Pets Willow Cat Scratcher, natural Sisal rope wound around a post as used on the Gor Pets Sisal Cat Scratcher or corrugated cardboard, as used ton the Happy Pet Hugs Cardboard Cat Scratcher Mat. You may need to try a number of different scratching surfaces to find one that your cat likes.