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Halti No Pull Dog Walking Headcollar - Black

Company Of Animals
(Code: COH0BL)

About Halti No Pull Dog Walking Headcollar - Black

Designed by the Company of Animals to combine maximum steering efficiency with unequalled comfort for the dog, the Halti Dog Head Collar makes training and behavioural modification practical and safe.

The unique design works by gently steering the dog's head to control the direction of movement and decrease impulsive movements away from the handler, preventing pulling and discomfort for both dog and handler when walking.

An on-off muzzling action closes the dog's jaws when pressure is applied, so the Halti Head Collar can also be used throughout training and management of reactive dogs.

No metal components come into contact with the dog's face during use, and the tough nylon webbing is lightweight yet strong enough for even the most testing of dogs, and gentle padding on the nose allows the dog to pant, drink, eat and yawn freely with supreme comfort.

Extra security is provided with the safety clip which connects from the Halti to your dog's collar and adjustable straps allow for the perfect fit.

Breed recommendations are as a guideline only, as each dog within a breed type will vary and may require a different size. To measure your dog to find the correct fit, place a measuring tape snug against the base of the dog's neck, where the collar would sit.

Size Neck Measurement Suggested Breeds
0 30cm - 38cm Bichon Frisé, Jack Russell Terrier
1 32cm - 41cm Corgi, West Highland Terrier
2 36cm - 47cm Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie
3 40cm - 45cm German Shepherd, Labrador
4 45cm - 62cm Irish Wolfhound, Rottweiler
5 52cm - 71cm Great Dane, Saint Bernard