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Interpet Liquifry Baby Fish Food | Egg Layers, Livebearers, Tropical & Coldwater Fish

(Code: IP0302)

About Interpet Liquifry Baby Fish Food

Provide immediate nourishment for baby fish born in your aquarium with Interpet Liquifry Food for Baby Fish (Fry).

Young fish have specific requirements based on whether they are a live bearing or egg laying species, but both types need a food catered to their physical limitations and inability to thrive on adult fish food to allow them to develop into healthy juveniles.

The sterile product will not introduce disease or contamination into the aquarium, and the easy to use dropper bottle allows the minute particles to be given in ideal quantities.

Liquifry Number 1 is designed for Egg-Laying species such as Kribensis, Rainbow Fish and Danio, and consists of minute particles pre-soaked and suspended in liquid which will readily disperse when placed in the aquarium.

Liquifry Number 2 is designed for Live Bearing species such as Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Swordtails and some Cichlids. This food consists of larger pre-soaked particles suspended in liquid with added green vegetable matter.