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Johnson's Veterinary | Small Pet Anti-Parasite | Fly Strike Protector Spray - 150ml

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About Johnson's Fly Strike Protector Small Animals 150ml

Johnson's Fly Strike Protector provides lasting protection against Fly Strike for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs over 4 weeks of age.

The active ingredient is Permethrin 25/75 0.5% w/w

Blowfly Strike (Lucillia sericata) is usually caused by faeces sticking to the rear end of the animal, which attracts flies to lay their eggs. If your pet is already infested with maggots, you should seek veterinary help immediately. Any delay is likely to result in the pet's death. This product is a preventative, not a treatment.

Directions: For this product to be fully effective, remove any faeces before treatment, and ensure good cage hygiene. Treat according to the dosages below. Spray from a distance of approximately 15cm onto the animal's rear end, from the middle of the back end to the base of the tail. Treat in early summer, before flies are seen. Repeat treatment every 7 days for continued protection.

Large Rabbits: 3-5 Pumps
Small Rabbits: 2-3 Pumps
Guinea Pigs: 2-3 Pumps

Warnings: Do not use on sick or convalescing animals, or during pregnancy or lactation. Do not use on young animals which are still suckling from the mother. Only for use on Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. Discontinue use if sensitivity or allergic reaction occurs. Do not use any other parasite control during the treatment period. Harmful to fish and crustaceans.