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Juwel T8 Day Lite Bulb 30WATT (895mm)

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Product Description

Day-Lite fluorescent tube creates a cool and bright light with a color temperature of 6500K. For best results combine with a Juwel Warm-Lite Tube. Place the Day-Lite tube at the back of your aquarium to promote plant growth and the Colour or Warm-Lite tube at the front of the Aquarium to enhance fish colours. This is to create the maximum lighting balance and plant growth.

Available variations:

Warm Lite

  • WATT: 38 Size: 1047mm
  • WATT: 30 Size: 895mm
  • WATT: 18 Size: 590mm

Day Lite

  • WATT: 38 Size: 1047mm
  • WATT: 36 Size: 1200mm
  • WATT: 30 Size: 895mm
  • WATT: 18 Size: 590mm
  • WATT: 15 Size: 438mm

Colour Lite

  • WATT: 36 Size: 1200mm
  • WATT: 30 Size: 895mm