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KONG Quest Foragers Flower Dog Toy - 13cm

(Code: KGPE22)

About KONG Quest Foragers Flower Dog Toy - 13cm

Give your dog a new challenge with the KONG Quest Foragers Flower food puzzle toy.

The unique shape of the KONG Quest Foragers Flower is designed to fit pieces of your dogs' favourite dry food or treats to challenge their natural instinct to sniff, investigate and forage. We recommend using a tempting training treat to fill the toy; we love Natures Menu Meaty Training Treats and Serrano Snacks. 

Allowing your dog to "win" their treats using a puzzle toy is a fantastic way to provide mental stimulation. Providing this type of enrichment can help to reduce problematic behaviours such as destructiveness.

The KONG Quest Forargers Flower also provides dental hygiene benefits to your dog. As they interact and work with the toy to retreive the hidden food, the toy will help to clean your dogs' teeth and massage their gums.

 Please note: This toy is intended to withstand light chewing. Play should be supervised and use of the toy discontinued if damage is visible.