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Pet Connection Super Premium Hypoallergenic Dog Food (Adult) - Salmon and Potato 12kg

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Pet Connection Super Premium Hypoallergenic Dog Food (Adult) - Salmon and Potato 12kg

Best Seller!

Part of the PetConnection own brand range and probably the best pound-for-pound dog food on the market. 

100% human food chain ingredients.

36% Salmon, 64% gentle grains and vegetables.

Available in Chicken, Duck, Lamb and Salmon. 

Very high Salmon content. This food contains more Salmon than many super premium foods but at half the price.

It is also wheat gluten free which makes it particularly suitable for dogs with skin conditions and sensitive tummies.

Dogs are most commonly allergic to the following foods (in descending order): beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb/mutton, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish. This range is free from beef, dairy, wheat, egg and soy.

Recipe styles in the range from rice-based, potato based, grain free and lower fat options.

Made by GoldenAcres - Europe's largest super premium pet food manufacturer. 

With hypoallergenic ingredients, protein from quality meat sources and only gentle grains, cereals or vegetables which are all very easy on digestion.

We press our own oils on site in small batches using dedicated equipment which operates "similar to a kitchen salad spinner where the oil is squeezed away from the meat”, says David Bennison - Group Sales Director.

This allows us to coat kibbles with amazingly high-quality fats and oils seen normally in human foods and gives us the full traceability back to the source, from farm, fishery or boat!  

"These oils aren’t your usual high temperature rendered ‘pet food grade’ type oils. They are so fresh, the laboratory testing finds little to no sign of oxidisation or ageing” says James Lawson – GA’s Joint Managing Director.

The full range is manufactured in Europe’s most advanced and environmentally sustained pet food facility – meeting human food production standards at a BRC Grade B site.

Rigorous Quality Management and Food Safety Systems: PCR for salmonella, X-Ray & metal detection, optical sorting, NIR ingredient and food analysis.

Ingredients: Salmon (includes 36.5%; 24% Fresh Salmon and 12.5% Salmon Meal), Potato (26%), Oats, Maize, Sugar Beet Pulp, Poultry Fat, Salmon Digest, Salmon oil, Vitamins and MineralsIf using a desktop computer you can hover over each ingredient for more information.

Feeding Guide based on 12 kg Bag

Weight of dog   Grams per day   Days supply

1  - 5 kg               35 - 100            342 - 120
5 - 20 kg              100 - 280          120 - 42.5
20 - 30 kg            280 - 380          42.5 - 31.5
30+ kg                 380+                 31. 5

Delivery details:

Republic of Ireland
Up to 30kg     DPD    £4.50

Northern Ireland
Up to 30kg    DPD     £3.50

UK Mainland
Up to 15kg    DPD     £3.50
Up to 30kg    DPD     £5.99

DPD provide parcel recipients with a one hour delivery window, notified by SMS and email, so they don't have to wait in all day. They can also opt for delivery to a nominated neighbour or have the parcel left in a specified safe place.

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Excellent quality food.
My dogs love it.
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