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Petkins Pet Wipes 100 Pack

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Petkin's Jumbo Pet Wipes are non-toxic, lightly fragranced wipes for use on cats and dogs of all ages.

With a gentle cleansing formula, the wipes are extra soft and are safe to use around sensitive areas such as eyes, ears and face.

Even with daily use, these wipes will not remove spot-on parasite treatments.

Approved by veterinarians, Petkin Jumbo Pet Wipes are safe, convenient and easy to use.

Each pack contains 100 wipes.

Ingredients: Gentle Cleanser, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Deodorising Fragrance.

Directions: Pull wipe through the opening in the lid and tear at a slight angle to separate the wipe. Gently wipe around the pet until dirt is removed. Do not force wipes into the ear canal. Use additional wipes as necessary.

Size: Each wipe is 19cm x 17cm.