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ProRep Aspen Snake Bedding 10L

Pro Rep
(Code: SRA010)

About ProRep Aspen Snake Bedding 10L

Super soft for burrowing creatures to enjoy, Pro Rep Aspen Bedding is suitable for snakes, some lizards, small mammals and birds.

Made from non-toxic shredded wood sourced from sustainable forests, the bedding is dust free, odourless and highly absorbent.

Ideal for use as a substrate in vivariums, travel cages and in Digging Towers for Small Animals such as gerbils.

Directions: Spread the Aspen substrate evenly over the base of the enclosure to a depth of at least 2.5cm - 5cm, allowing more depth for burrowing and digging species. Spot clean daily, or more frequently if the bedding becomes wet or heavily soiled, and replace every 2-3 weeks.