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Rosewood Naturals | Small Pet Forage | Meadow Hay Cookies - 1kg

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About Rosewood Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies 1kg

The managed meadows and pastures of the single family farm in Bavaria in which the highest quality, long stranded hay is grown for Rosewood Naturals Meadow Hay Cookies, allow pets to benefit from over 20 different species of grass and edible plants contained within the miniature hay bales.

A delicious rich aroma of green meadow hay is released from the box, tempting small pets of all sorts to forage naturally through the soft foliage contained within the cookies, while the overall appeal and palatability for pets ensures that the cookies are an excellent choice for use as a main diet hay source or a special treat for beloved pets. The mixture contains lower protein and calcium levels than alfalfa making it perfect for long term feeding of pets, especially rabbits.

Hay is an extremely important component of the diet for small pets, in fact guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, degus and other fibrevores should have a constant supply of high quality Meadow Hay or forage blocks like these Meadow Hay Cookies. The teeth of fibrevores grow constantly, so the act of grinding hay and grass, which are rich in silicates, between their teeth helps to prevent teeth from overgrowing or malforming. Eating fibre rich hay helps your pet's digestive system to function correctly, maintaining good gut mobility and promoting a strong and healthy digestive flora. Finally, a constant supply of quality forage allows fibrevores to do what they do best - graze. Rosewood Meadow Hay Cookies allow your pet to eat slowly, preventing boredom and enriching their life.

Each cookie is made from 70g of compressed meadow hay and a variety of edible field flora which ensures the hay provides pets with an essential mixture of beneficial phyto-nutrients including antioxidants and flavenoids. Most small pets require around 70g of hay per kilogram of bodyweight per day, although hay should be available at all times so if your pet eats more than the recommended amount, offer them more.

The compact nature of the cookies reduces waste as pets forage, and the shape makes it harder for male pets to urinate over the forage as they may do with loose hay left on the base of their enclosure. The air drying process and reduced dust and allergen contents can make it easier for owners who suffer from hay fever.

Rosewood's Meadow Hay Cookies contain over 20 different types of meadow grass, plants and herbs including Tall Oat Grass, Orchard Grass, Downy Alpine Oat Grass, Smooth Stalk Meadow Grass, Velvet Grass, Soft Broom Grass, Sorrel, Dandelion, Plantain, Wild Chervil, Red Clover and Tufted Vetch.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 12%, Oils and Fats 2.85%, Crude Fibre 24.7%, Crude Ash 6.64%, Moisture 7.96%, Calcium 0.65%, Phosphorous 0.32%. Beneficial Fibre: 54.25%.

Customer reviews
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My rabbits love these hay cookies.
Tom A.
Shopping Satisfaction
Guinea pigs love these 😍
Deborah M.