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Thrive | Inflatable Surgical Recovery | Comfy Collar

Size :

About Comfy Collar 17-22cm Extra Small

The Thrive Comfy Collar is an ideal alternative to a traditional lampshade or Elizabethan collar, for dogs recovering from surgery or minor injuries.

The pet's field of view is unrestricted and it is much easier for the pet to reach their food and water dishes, therefore relieving stress at a time when you and your pet need to relax as much as possible.

The outer layer of the collar is scratch and bite resistant, with an inflatable inner tube to protect wounds and stitches from your pet.

A velcro fastening allows the collar to be snugly fitted around the pet's neck, and fabric hoops secure the Comfy Collar to your pet's own collar. The velcro fastening should be positioned at the back of the pet's neck during use.

The Comfy Collar should be fully inflated to provide maximum benefit of restricting neck movement and preventing access to wounds.

Supervise your pet during fitting of the Comfy Collar, as some particularly determined pets may be able to reach their hind quarters, tail or paws, depending on the pet's size and body shape.

Comfy Collars are not recommended for breeds with longer bodies, such as Daschunds and Greyhounds.

Size Guide: 

Extra Small Size 1: 17cm - 22cm (Small Cat, Chihuahua)
Small Size 2: 22cm - 30cm (Large Cat, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
Medium Size 3: 30cm - 40cm (French Bulldog, English Springer Spaniel)
Large Size 4: 42cm - 55cm (Boxer, Siberian Husky)
Extra Large Size 5: 55cm - 80cm (Rottweiler, German Shepherd)