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Wild Things Swan & Duck Food 1.5kg

Wild Things Swan & Duck Food 1.5kg

(Code: SD45406NET)
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Wild Things Swan & Duck Food is a highly palatable, nutritious and ecologically friendly alternative to bread for feeding swans & ducks at your local river or pond.

As with all Wild Things foods, Swan & Duck has been developed and trialled in conjunction with wildlife hospitals and experts to provide a complementary diet that meets the nutritional needs of wildfowl.

Although many of us have happy childhood memories of feeding bread to ducks, advice from bird welfare charities such as the RSPB and from organisations such as the Canal and River Trust now urges the public to consider alternatives to bread, for both nutritional and environmental reasons.

Having large quantities of bread available can cause both disabling and fatal health conditions in ducks and swans. Despite being tasty to birds, bread has no real nutritional value and can encourage them to simply fill up on bread and reject other, more beneficial, foods. This lack of nutrients can be very damaging and even fatal. Wild Things food is specially formulated to provide the correct nutrients and balanced to suit the natural diet of ducks & swans.

Feeding Wild Things Swan & Duck Food rather than bread also has a positive environmental impact on local rivers and lakes. The pellets are designed to float on water, which means that the food stays on the surface and accessible to the animals for longer periods of time. It also prevents water pollution that can be caused by bread sinking and rotting. Rotten bread provides an excellent surface for harmful bacteria to multiply, causes algae to bloom and can attract rats and other small animals.

Whether you are planning a fun family day out or a regular feeder of ducks & swans, Wild Things food is a perfect choice.

Available in 1.5kg or 5kg bags.

Feeding Guide: Throw a handful of pellets into different areas of the water. We advise that you feed ducks & swans only in the water and do not use food to encourage them on to the banks. It may take several days for the birds to get used to their change in diet, particularly if they are used to being fed bread. 

Composition: Wheat, Wheatfeed, Soya, Whole Maize, Fish Meal, Soyal Oil, Minerals