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Yakers Medium Yaks Milk Bar Natural Dog Chew

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  1. Description of the Yak Milk Dog Chews

    Made from a delicate mixture of skimmed Yak and Cow milk with a very small amount of lemon juice and salt used to coagulate the milky bars, Yakers were originally designed for human consumption and are still widely enjoyed by the Himalayan people and their dogs.
    The irresistible chewy texture and unique flavour means that the handcrafted chews are a firm favourite amongst many dogs. Depending on your dog's keenness to chew, a Yakers chew can be a very long lasting and durable treat.

    Compressed into blocks and smoke dried for 28 days, each Yakers milk bar is 100% natural, rich in protein for muscle growth, contains lots of calcium for dental and bone health, and free from preservatives and common allergens including wheat gluten and grains.

    Chewing is a natural behaviour for all canines, and should be channelled appropriately rather than discouraged or punished. Allowing your dog to chew on appropriate items will help to relieve boredom and destructive behaviour, and can help nervous dogs or those with separation anxiety.

    Once your pet has worked at the treat, enjoyed chomping the delightful small pieces and reduced the chew to a small end piece, the remainder of the chew can be placed in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds where it will puff up. After cooling, your dog can enjoy the puffed bar as a crunchy snack.

    Milk is delivered to the Yakers production plant directly from local dairies and individual herders in the Himalayas, before it is turned into cheese, during which the cream is removed to ensure the bars are low in fat. The milk is coagulated (hardened) by the addition of a very small amount of lime juice and salt. Muslin cloth is used to compress the coagulated cheese until the majority of the moisture has been removed, and the formed blocks are then rested for a few days until they are ready to be cut. The cut chews are then hung in smoking sheds to dry for 28 days.

    Suitable for puppies from 4 months of age and adult dogs. With less than 1% lactose contained in Yakers due to the removal of the cream and whey, Yakers are safe for all dogs.

    As natural products, the shape and size of Yakers may vary between individual items and batches. The average weight of a medium Yakers bar is 70 grams and the Extra Large Yakers tend to weigh around 140 grams.

  2. #Composition#

    Composition of a Yak Milk Dog Chew:

    ✔ Yak and Cow Milk (99.9%)
    ✔ Lime Juice
    ✔ Salt
  3. #Constituents#

    Yak Milk Chew: Analytical Constituents:

    ✔ Crude Protein 59.2%
    ✔ Oils & Fats 5.2%
    ✔ Crude Fibre 5.9%
    ✔ Moisture 10%
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : Medium
Levi loves them at night - last chew before sleep.
Shopping Satisfaction
Size : Medium
Long lasting and quite hard so I only let them have it for a while and then take it back for another day.
Marie H.