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  • Brand: Smart Petz Ireland Ltd
  • Sku: AK-AK9LTCL-BK

A-K9 | Traffic Control Short Lead for Bullies & Strong Dogs

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Product Description

The AK9 Traffic Control short lead has been designed to give greater control by removing the long lead that gives the dog more leeway.

Maintain close control of your strong dog during walks with a traffic control short lead. A traffic control short lead is a great tool for keeping your strong dog close by your side in crowded areas or during situations where you need more control. This short length helps you to keep your dog close to your heel, preventing them from pulling or lunging.

This lead is more suitable for medium to large dogs, and it can also be used in addition to a regular lead if you want to swap for a tighter hold.

It features an incredibly secure and robust clasp to keep a firm hold on your dog, which will automatically clamp when it comes into contact with an anchor point and can be easily released by pressing the 2 clips at the sides.

This Traffic Control dog leash is made from firmly weaved nylon to create a long lasting, durable lead and can be used as an extension for regular leads or to attach 2 leads for better control over 2 dogs.

This lead features a D ring on the handle which is ideal for attaching a dog treat bag, poo bag dispenser or clipping on to a hands-free dog walking belt.

Available in five colours: Purple, Green, Blue, Black and Orange.

Here are some of the benefits of using a traffic control short lead for strong dogs:

Increased control: A short lead gives you more control over your dog's movements, making it easier to keep them from pulling or lunging.

Improved safety: By keeping your dog close by your side, you can help to prevent them from getting into trouble or becoming a nuisance to others.

Reduced stress: A traffic control short lead can help to reduce stress for both you and your dog by providing a sense of security and control.

When choosing a traffic control short lead for your strong dog, be sure to consider the following factors:

Material: The lead should be made from a strong, durable material that can withstand the pulling force of your dog. Nylon webbing is a popular choice for traffic control leads.

Width: The lead should be wide enough to be comfortable for your dog to wear, but not so wide that it becomes bulky or difficult to handle.

Handle: The handle should be comfortable to grip and easy to hold onto, even if your dog is pulling. Some traffic control leads also have a padded handle for added comfort.

With the right traffic control short lead, you can enjoy safe and stress-free walks with your strong dog.


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A-K9 | Traffic Control Short Lead for Bullies & Strong Dogs