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Ancol Ergo Large Nail Clipper

(Code: AN525100)

About Ancol Ergo Large Nail Clipper

The Ancol Ergo Scissor Nail Clippers are a safe and accurate way to trim long claws.The nail can be placed in the clippers and simply snipped to the correct length, with the ergonomic non-slip handle preventing accidental slips. An optional safety guard prevents accidental over cutting.The choice of Guillotine or Scissor style clippers is a personal one, some people find that the Scissor style clippers are more effective on larger claws.In the nail is a 'quick', which is the blood vessel in the centre of the nail, and if this is accidentally cut it can lead to painful bleeding and possible infection. It is important to treat accidental bleeding with Blood Stopper Gel which will stop bleeding and help to prevent infection.To reduce chances of accidentally cutting the quick, spend time introducing the clippers to your dog and use lots of treats to build up a positive association, only clip nails when your dog is calm, and hold your dog's paw firmly so the claw does not move or twist as it is clipped. If your pet's nails are very long, the quick could also be longer than normal. Cutting a small amount of nail every few days will encourage the quick to recede naturally.The correct length of nail is when there is a tiny gap between the floor and the nail when the dog is standing normally.

Size: 16.5cm x 5cm