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Gardman Water Drinker

(Code: GMA01521)

About Gardman Water Drinker

The Gardman Water Drinker for Wild Birds is a year round essential for any wildlife lovers' garden, as providing fresh water for the birds during the warmest and coldest periods of Summer and Winter can be the difference between life and death for many species of wildlife locally.

The drinker features a unique self flushing system, designed to help to prevent contamination and spread of disease between birds. The drinker has a screw release and can be easily filled and cleaned out. A hanging ring is attached to the top of the drinker, making it simple to place in your garden.

Birds are in the greatest need of access to fresh, clean drinking water during the Summer, when many water sources are dried out, and during the Winter, when sources of water may be frozen and inaccessible.

To encourage wild birds to visit your garden, we recommend using a drinker alongside a mixture of Sunflower Hearts, Seed Mixes and Peanuts, which research from the British Trust for Ornithology has found can increase Winter survival rates for a number of species. It is recommended that you continue to fill feeders throughout the year, not just during the winter.

Holds 770ml of Water.